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A sad day for an influential animation studio


As some of you might have noticed, my inclination towards orchestral music is partly influenced by its use in Japanese animation. And I’m glad that such popular use makes orchestral music more relatable to more people.

There was that one anime series that helped me develop an appreciation for brass and wind instruments. Hibike Euphonium. It is produced by Kyoto Animation.

It is unthinkable, that only yesterday, July 18 2019,  as of this writing, more than 30 employees from Kyoto Animation have passed away because of a freak arson attack.

When it comes down to it, all these websites, movies, TV shows, software, gadgets and technology, everything else that nature didn’t produce on its own, they’re all made by mere mortal people. In many cases, by wonderful benevolent people.

You’re free to call me spammy, opportunistic, “click-baity” or whatnot… but behind this website is yet another mortal person. I’m just another dude with a website. But since you’re reading this, you may just be like me. A person who loves great art and artists, and is saddened when they become victims of unfortunate events.

If you’ve reached this part of my post and would allow me to have a selfish request, perhaps you could take part in helping Kyoto Animation heal. I have donated 50 bucks to the GoFundMe campaign, run by John Ledford of Sentai Filmwoks:



It is sad that no amount of money would ever bring back the lives that have been lost. But any amount, big or small, would help.

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