Music making, MIDI and more…

This site is not about reporting abusive internet users. But I found the name easy to remember.

In this site, I will try my best to organize my logs and thoughts about creating digital music with as little cost as possible. As this is not a normal blog about personal life, I will keep updating this front page to organize specific topics that get added in no particular order. These specific topics may also be updated with time as they are meant to inform rather than tell historical events. Why not use a typical website format then? I just prefer how a blog is more suited to having a lot of entries. Also people get to comment on blogs. On the other hand, WordPress has features that are typical to websites like having a static front page such as this. (Static front pages are a bit of a headache to hack in Blogger and I have far too many headaches already. There’s also no guarantee that such hacks will keep working as Blogger update their system. So I chose WordPress that officially supports the feature I want.) I will also occasionally discuss things that are off topic, such as the sentences in parentheses about WordPress vs Blogger (beware).


Although I had been playing musical instruments for many many years already, creating music from a computer, using virtual instruments is both new and exciting to me. What I’ll post here, which is based on personal learning experiences, may not be the best way to do things. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that others will find something useful from here. Feel free to comment and share if you have a question or a better idea, especially corrections!


The purpose of this blog is to enable newbies, like myself, immortalize their music, with good quality, with the aid of today’s technology, with as little cost as possible. We know how noisy and distorted a budget recording could be, and how reluctant we are to replay a poor recording. Imagine your music being played in studio-like quality, the way you wanted it to sound. Isn’t that really cool? The truth is, such a feat is now possible, and the tools for doing it are now accessible to anyone.

Happy music making!

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About the author

Among other things, I enjoy listening to and performing music. I play guitar, piano and fool around with the violin. I prefer the instrumental music genre as it leaves the interpretation to the listeners and it is simply amazing how it invokes emotions without the use of words. Therefore, despite my enthusiasm in creating music electronically, I have a bias to natural acoustic instruments. You can listen to some of my works in the soundonly page in Soundcloud (mostly covers of my favorite tunes).

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